Larry Pink The Human with Joe Talbot
Photo credit: George Cory

Larry Pink the Human & Idles’ Joe Talbot Collaborate on ‘Wasted Days [Inbetweens]’

Larry Pink the Human have released their brand new single ‘Wasted Days [Inbetweens]’, which features guest vocals from IDLES’ frontman Joe Talbot.

The ethos of Larry Pink the Human is to challenge normal human perceptions, no better demonstrated than with the band members themselves. Jolyon Thomas, whose work as a producer includes such artists as Kendrick Lamar, U2 and Royal Blood, is now stepping out from the studio and onto the stage as a songwriter and performer, while Laurie Vincent—who as a guitarist forms one half of the band Slaves—takes the role of lyricist and frontman.

The track premiered with Steve Lamacq on BBC 6Music who said, “I love the concept behind this record”, which was followed by a play from Jack Saunders on Radio 1 who said, “I just think that Larry Pink The Human is so unique, so special, mainly because it is the perfect definition of dancing the pain away. What I also love about this one is that it is Joe Talbot as we’ve not really heard him before.”

‘Wasted Days [Inbetweens]’ is a pensive synth-infused track about embracing the joys and simple things in life. It comes armed with a huge emotive chorus which highlights, “you’re gonna miss them when they’re gone; the wasted days the inbetweens”.

Regarding the single Larry Pink the Human say, “‘Wasted Days [Inbetweens]’ is a contemplative look at missing the beauty in the everyday. In the rush to reach our destinations how we can often lose sight of the joy in our journeys. An awakening. Doing nothing at all is something very special.”

Joe Talbot adds, “It’s a track about not knowing the magic ‘til the magic is behind us.”

‘Wasted Days [Inbetweens]’’ is the latest in a string of hugely successful singles from Larry Pink the Human since their emergence this year and follows ‘Purpose Built’, ‘Might Delete Later’ and their debut single ‘Love You, Bye.’.

‘Might Delete Later’ is now included in the soundtrack of FIFA 21 and ‘Love You, Bye.’ features on Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place compilation album. Laurie Vincent joined Fearne on her podcast to speak about ‘Love You, Bye.’ and his experiences in 2020 with Larry Pink the Human.

Speaking about the podcast interview Laurie says, “In the interview, I touch upon how the song was written but also the past year behind the music: my life, what lead me to where I am, my outlook and partly about my coping mechanisms. It’s the first time I’ve spoken about Emma and her illness and I hope it opens more doors to talk about grief, anxiety and self-care in the future. I hope you enjoy listening and can take something from the chat that may help you.”

Laurie’s girlfriend and mother of their two children, Emma Jane Mulholland, died of cancer in mid-June of this year after a year of serious illness.

Larry Pink the Human the band are exploring sounds never heard from the pair before. They are leaving an impressive mark on this year, while also giving a taste of what to expect from the band in 2021.

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