The Meffs in the Goth Kitchen

The Meffs In The Goth Kitchen

Brian chats to Lily (vocals/guitar) and Lewis (drums) a.k.a. Essex DIY punk duo, The Meffs! They talk about their day jobs, forming the band, taking to the stage, their writing process, influences, recording their album, lockdown, future plans and there’s a lovely QUICK-FIRE ROUND to wrap it all up.

Watch The Meffs Goth Kitchen interview here: 

If you like “Glorious punk in the great tradition of British political/punk acts”, check out The Meffs new self-titled album here. “If there was ever a time when society needed the kids to make some noise, it is now”.

The AF GANG is an online community of like-minded souls. A Facebook group where you can be who you want to be when you want to be without the fear of ridicule or judgement. Created through the love of IDLES, naturally growing to encompass the love of all music, the community has grown to more than 30,000 people. The Goth Kitchen was created during the lockdown of 2020, with IDLES chatting with Brian in his kitchen on Zoom to entertain us while we were all stuck indoors. Since then, interviews from the Goth Kitchen have become a regular occurrence with more and more bands coming in for a chat, including; Girl Band, DITZ, Frauds, JOHN, ĠENN, Crows and many more.

The Goth Kitchen will be back on Wednesday, 8th April with some very special guests, and every fortnight thereafter, so keep an eye on the YouTube channel to see who is up next and which is their favourite foot. Yes, foot.

Up The Meffs!

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