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The Clockworks Continue to Impress with “Feels So Real”

The Clockworks are developing a wonderful habit of dropping singles under the radar with little fanfare. However, the difference now is that more and more are eager to dissect any new material from the Irish punksters. Indeed the first play of The Clockworks, “Feels So Real,” was on Annie Macs BBC Radio1 show, demonstrating just how far the band have come even in these challenging times.

Singer and lyricist James McGregor continues with his keen observations of the world around him. He says of “Feels So Real”,

The idea for this song was to soundtrack a certain feeling, a rapture or excitement, for the lyrics to set the scene and the music to set the feeling. This song is essentially about how all the things that make up the city; the good, the bad and the ugly are all what make it exciting… In a way, it could be about finding hope in hopeless circumstances.”.

Written just before and finished during the first lock-down, this track is a reminder of city life out-with the pandemic, the good and the bad. This is encapsulated in the opening lines: “There’s a buzz in the air, by the glow of the lamps. The city’s a lady, the city’s a tramp”. With a sonic backdrop delivered by Sean Connelly on guitar, Damian Greaney on drums and Tom Freeman on bass guitar, “Feels So Real” immediately begins with pounding drums and an increasing volume on the guitars, which give the track its atmosphere. The Clockworks are a tight unit that achieve such drama in their music.

James’ lyrics are as thought-provoking as they are real, describing our modern world:

“The city’s the size of the places you’ve been, the people you’ve seen around.”

“And a 20-foot sign says you’ll never find love until you buy these gloves.”

The accompanying video is intriguing. Reminiscent of Reservoir Dogs the four members of The Clockworks, dressed identically in black and white, look ominously in the car boot with its mysterious glow before driving into the city at night. All four look sombre, and the tension is palpable. Lead singer James gets more and agitated, hanging out of the car window, looking around in confusion, running through the streets. I have to say how bizarre that washing hands now means something different to perhaps 18 months ago! Directed by Oscar J Ryan, it has an intensity that matches the track perfectly.

So what’s in the boot? Well, that would be telling!

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