Chubby and the Gang: Lightning Don’t Strike Twice

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Rising London punk 5-piece Chubby and the Gang have shared a new song and accompanying music video. “Lightning Don’t Strike Twice” was premiered by Steve Lamacq of BBC 6Music, and is part of a double A-side 7″ out on May 28th that will feature another new track entitled “Life’s Lemons”. “Lightning” is a three-minute ride through the band’s entire mood board – opening with lap slide noodling before steering into anthemic pub rock with snarling lyrics. The video was directed by Jasper Cable-Alexander and takes inspiration from ’90s internet cafés. 

Singer/lyricist Charlie Manning says of the song:

“I wrote this song about social inequality. Not mine but the people I saw around me. I feel like the whole premise of poverty is presented like this game in which if you play your cards right, you can escape. In reality, it’s more like playing a game of dice when they’re loaded against your favour. Constantly being struck by lightning and being told that it will never happen again. I remember witnessing someone’s telephone voice where they had to change their phone voice when conducting business or applying for jobs, so they don’t come across as if they are from a lower class.

I wrote the last verse about that because it disgusted me that in a system supposedly created on meritocracy, a human being has to change their identity to try and shake unemployment. I’ve had very few jobs that required me to go for an interview. No one really cares who you are when you drive a minicab or layout cables, so I’m lucky in that sense. But many people aren’t.”

Both “Lightning” and “Life’s Lemons” will appear on the band’s highly anticipated sophomore LP due out later this year. More music + info on that coming soon!

chubby and the gang lightning single

Chubby and the Gang recently performed virtually for SXSW; watch them play “All Along the Uxbridge Road” off their acclaimed 2020 debut Speed Kills HERE.

Chubby and the Gang have also confirmed a run of UK and IE tour dates later this year, routing HERE.

Fronted by Manning (a former cabbie who now also works as an electrician), Chubby and the Gang have led a pack of bands coming out of a new wave of British Hardcore. ‘Speed Kills’ was one of the critical surprises of the year thanks to its unrelentingly fun concoction of hardcore, pub rock, doo-wop, and blues. The album was produced by Jonah Falco of Fucked Up and boasts songs of deep substance and political conscience with a precise sense of time and place.

Chubby and the Gang are balanced by two energies – a casual “fuck it” on one side, an active “fuck off” on the other. For every moment of punk imperfection, there’s an intricate flurry of detail.

Made up of musicians from across the consistently thriving and criminally overlooked UK hardcore scene (ft. The Chisel, Big Cheese and more), Chubby and the Gang marinate its characteristic speed and sick-of-it-all energy in a mixture of 50s pop sounds. The result is a prickly take on the older, more melodic genres that punk derives from, chewing them up and spitting them out into something mangled but revitalised.

Through sheer force of strength, their debut album Speed Kills pummelled its way out of the local hardcore scene and across the Atlantic, where it was met with a landslide of critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork and Rolling Stone.

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