‘Lots of Noise’ from Sterling Press, But That’s a Good Thing

Black and white photo of the four male members of Sterling Press

Alternative four-piece Sterling Press follow up their debut single ‘Very Fun Times‘ with ‘Lots of Noise’. And ‘noise’ is not a word I would use to describe this track. Delving further into ska-tinged skanking grooves, this is a sound that is not too common at the moment.

They cite an enjoyment in experimentation and combining their original alt-rock sound with ska, punk, and even techno makes for vibrant, energetic music, not a ‘noise’ at all! This is Madness for the 2020s, and I can picture the gigs now full of skanking moves. Lead singer Ed Higgins has got the rhythm spot on as he gallops through ‘Lots of Noise’ with its rock steady beat.

Lyrically the song tackles the notion of adolescents feeling they have wasted potential, but of course, it’s all part of the journey to adulthood. The chorus is just a full-on fun fest and that key change is so smooth. The pace may slow right down at the end, but there is one more surprise before ‘Lots of Noise’ is done and dusted.

Sterling Press formed in West London at the beginning of 2020. What a time to start a band with the pandemic taking hold, leading to lockdowns and separation. Along with Ed on guitar and vocals, the rest of the band comprises Greg Smith (guitar, vocals), Marlon Reynier (bass, vocals) and Lucien Ismael (drums).


Commenting on the single, the band explain:

Lucien: “The track is really about a character who’s based on someone we know. It all came from the experience that they had and the song developed from there. At its core, it’s about dreaming of something bigger whilst being stuck in something small.”

Marlon: “We spent the first lockdown delving deep into bands like The Specials. Like those ska tunes, we wanted a fast pace song that gets going quickly and keeps up the intensity.”

Sterling Press have self-released ‘Lots of Noise’ which only shows that they are not wasting their potential in the slightest. You can follow them here on Facebook and Twitter.

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