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Cherym Release 3-Minute Fireball ‘Listening to My Head’

At first listen, Cherym from Londonderry could be from California. Seriously, their infectious songs, the speed of delivery and raucous sound are straight from the sunshine state. Signed to Alcopop! Records (who seem to be scooping up some of the best music around at the moment, such as Frauds and DITZ) at the beginning of 2021, Cherym have released their latest single “Listening to my Head”. This track exudes enthusiasm and energy. It’s a 3-minute fireball of a song that leaves you breathless. The guitars, drums and perfectly harmonised vocals are all in synch to produce a ridiculously tight sound and to be honest, I’ve had it on repeat since the first listen.

It was inspired by the Netflix show Dirty John and as the band explain. “It’s written from the point of view of Betty Broderick, wife of Dan Broderick, a successful businessman who used Betty to gain his success, tormented her life, left her penniless in the divorce settlement, took full custody of their children, and abused her throughout their relationship.”

The trio met in college and decided to form Cherym in part as a response to the local music scene which was a ‘boys club’. They bonded over a love of garage rock and pop-punk and quickly gained a reputation for their rocket-fuelled live shows. Watch the video for Cherym “Listening To My Head” here:

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