NYCs Superbloom Take You Back to ’94 Grunge With Debut LP ‘Pollen’

Superbloom is Brooklyn’s latest entry into the alternative rock scene. Their debut album, Pollen, is a 12-track love letter to heavy alternative music that spans infectiously bouncy hard rock, instantly nostalgic acoustic songs, sing-along choruses and undeniable hooks. If you were a fan of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Counting Crows back in the 90s, then you’ll likely love Superbloom’s sound.

I’m not sure how old the band are, but I bet they weren’t even born when the bands above were at their peak. That makes me feel really old. I have become that woman that still hangs around at the back of gigs wearing flares and a plaid shirt. Still, it’s just a fact: Superbloom play grunge, and grunge was and is great!

The band hail from Brooklyn, and after a few singles and an EP, they now have their first full record out. And it’s actually really good. Not because Superbloom sometimes channel Dave Grohl and sound like how you wish the Foo Fighters sounded today on tracks like “Leash” and “Muzzle”. Nor is it that they can do acoustic ballads reminiscent of Kurt, Krist and Dave’s legendary MTV unplugged performance. You have to celebrate Pollen because they are strong songs in their own right.

Songs full of dirt and steam, melody and melancholy, full of power, honesty and love too. Incredible tunes like “Hey Old Man”, “Whatever”, or “Worms”, which have nothing to do with pop, punk or anything. Songs that touch, grasp, shake you up and make you happy.

The album was mastered by Will Yip (Quicksand, Mannequin Pussy, Code Orange), mixed by Joe Reinhart (Remo Drive, Joyce Manor, Hop Along) and produced by Superbloom.

While the album’s feedback-laced instrumentation is hard-hitting at every turn, the band’s sonic signature is embedded in the vocal performance that fills each track with complex layering, earworm melodies and lush harmonies that deliver discoveries nuanced in detail with each listen.

Pollen was released on all streaming services on June 1st and is available for vinyl pre-orders.



Vinyl Pre-Order:

US: blue/white marble on heavy 180-gram vinyl; orders will ship later in June.

UK and EU: visit Thirty Something Records and CoreTex for orange/red transparent marble on heavy 180-gram vinyl, shipping later in July.



Pollen tracklisting on vinyl:

Side A

A1 1994

A2 Mary On A Chain

A3 Hey Old Man

A4 Leash

A5 Muzzle

A6 Nothing Else

Side B

B1 Spill

B2 Worms

B3 Glass Candy Wrapper

B4 Pollen

B5 Whatever

B6 Twig


Mixed by: Joe Reinhart

Mastered by: Will Yip

Artwork by: Patrick Turk Collage Art

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