van dammes finally there

Van Dammes Celebrate Finland Finally There at The Euros With New EP

Van Dammes, the Finnish garage-punk quartet from Helsinki, just released their fifth EP called Finally There with a music video for their eponymous single. The record is a tribute to the Finland national football team which will finally play in their first-ever major championship as they attend the Euro 2020 finals (well, Euro 2021).

This is something that the whole Finnish nation has been waiting for for decades and a great inspiration for kick-ass garage punk songs. Originally, the band was also scheduled to play in the tournament-opening in Copenhagen. But, unfortunately, the pandemic messed up the plans.

So if you’re not from or already supporting Finland at the Euros, now is your chance. At the very least, they should be your second team. If you’re the betting type, Finland may just be a surprise success in the competition, especially with these classic punk anthems egging them on. If you like your punk with just the right amount of dirty organ and snotty garage, you might have found your new favourite band right here. Van Dammes are four guys who perfected the mixture of catchy hooks, melodic riffs and scruffy noise. For fans of Marked Men, Sedatives and Statues. There’s even a little bit of Zebrassierers in there if you remember that band.

Watch the fabulous video here, and good luck getting this song out of your head once you’ve heard this.

The tournament begins on Friday 11th June, and Finland play their first match against Denmark on Saturday 12th June. We’ll be cheering for you lads!

The record is released by German label Rockstar Records and available digitally worldwide but also on cassette. The band plans to tour Europe again in summer 2022. Van Dammes are: Ilkka Hildén (bass) Markus Kujawa (voc, synth) Jussi Roine (drums) Juho Talja (voc, guitar).