Witch Fever Release New Single ‘In The Resurrect’ Ahead of Debut EP ‘Reincarnate’

witch fever in the resurrect

Manchester’s Witch Fever formed four years ago after meeting through mutual friends, and in June, they announced they had signed to Sony’s Music For Nations. Their new single “In The Resurrect” was written and recorded entirely online during lockdown. Like so many others, they were all separate, resulting in a slightly more experimental sound.

Lyrically it’s inspired by rejecting what the male’s idea of femininity and sexuality is. Women should not be censoring themselves to conform to this view but should be strong and emboldened. The heavy foreboding sound of Witch Fever perfectly incapsulates this sentiment of female empowerment and individuality. The music style is more akin to the heavy rock bands which males dominate, and to hear them proclaim their message in this genre adds even more strength.

Vocalist Amy expands on the impact of lockdown on this track:

“We recorded our parts, and Annabelle did a sick job of mixing it together to make the whole song. Had we written it together in the practice room like we usually do, it probably wouldn’t be the same song!”

“It doesn’t have a specific narrative in a traditional sense. But the overarching theme and inspiration of the song comes from rejecting beauty ideals, in particular of Western societal definitions of ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’. For me, it’s about owning my own femininity and being free to express that however it chooses to on any given day. It’s about being totally true to yourself and not allowing outside opinions to bend you at their will or stifle your expression.”


“There’s a big emphasis on female empowerment and female anger,” says bassist Alex of the message raging behind the band’s music.“It’s about celebrating yourself and self-expression. Not being stifled and held back.”

Drummer Annabelle and guitarist Alisha join Alex and Amy, and the band name is inspired by the hysteria which accompanied the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts, and Europe. Witch Fever has long considered that this was a method of belittling, suppressing and diminishing women.

For fans of the band, the release of their debut EP Reincarnate (digitally on 15th October and physical 12” on 3rd December) cannot come soon enough. The Reincarnate EP’s vinyl release is exclusively via independent record shops and online. At a time when the artists are also struggling, it is good to see that Witch Fever support independent venues and record stores.

For more information, please check out Witch Fever’s Facebook, Bandcamp and website.

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