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Seattle’s Jeremiah Moon Signs with Enci Records

Seattle-based singer/songwriter/classically-trained cellist and illustrator Jeremiah Moon has signed with Southern California’s Enci Records (Aquadolls, The Joy Formidable, Beach Goons, Fences), which plans to release his debut EP ‘Sputnik’, this fall.

Moon’s music bears the mark of the musicians that inspired it, channelling the energy of a diverse list of influences that range from Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Thom Yorke, Blake Mills, Sufjan Stevens, Claude Debussy, and Nick Cave, to Mahler, Dvorak, Stravinsky, Ravel, and the poetry of Christian Wiman, all while simultaneously carving its own path.

Moon’s mother, a classically trained violinist, noticed when he was born that he had big hands, so she decided that he would start taking cello lessons when he was old enough. At age 7, he started taking lessons, playing music (solo, chamber music, and orchestra) all through high school.

After graduating high school, Moon studied cello performance at Boston University. He recalls, “I started writing my first songs when I was home on summer vacations, and while I was working out at Tanglewood in Western Mass. After graduating, I apprenticed with a piano tuner in upstate New York, following which I moved to Bellingham and worked on a small farm for a couple of months. I moved to Seattle in 2013 and started accompanying guitarists for live shows and recording sessions, as well as working on my illustration skills and building a portfolio of work. I started seriously working on songwriting in 2018 after being challenged by a friend to take myself more seriously as an artist. The 5 songs on my EP were a direct result of the momentum from this burst of inspiration.”

The tracks that make up the ‘Sputnik’ EP were recorded with friend and producer Adam Black in a remote cabin in Florence, OR. Moon says, “We laid down the main tracks during this time and pieced together the rest of the EP and arrangements over the next couple of years.”

Of the EP’s first single (“Kinds of Light”), set to release on August 13, Moon says, “This song is about opposing selves, the way relationships with other people compel us to reckon with our own identity, the way our stories gradually become histories, and the things we choose – or don’t choose – to carry with us. The underlying thread, like all 5 songs on the EP, is the connection between people — the ways that we try to understand each other, and the ways we change each others’ orbits.”

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