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No Deal Disco and Their Endless Job-Hunting Class Tourist

It’s a sign of the times, isn’t it? Graduating with a degree and then not being able to find a satisfying job. Sam Robinson of No Deal Disco has been in exactly this situation and used the frustration to inspire No Deal Disco’s latest track, the tongue in cheek “Class Tourist”.

The chorus of, “Class Tourist on my mind. Can’t even get a job I don’t like” is a funny line if it wasn’t so tragic. Frontman Sam further explains:

“This song is me laughing at myself and my job situation for the last seven years or so since graduating with a fancy master’s degree. Shit job after shit job after shit job. I was on the dole recently for eight months and I felt like a total imposter: given all the privilege of university education, never really gone without, and here I am signing on! Funny innit?”

This is a fun, upbeat, track but when you listen closely to the lyrics you realise it’s about a heart-breaking situation. All those resources are spent on further education but actually what is it all for if you can’t get a good job? This is all delivered with a mechanical beat and infectious bassline. Sam has a rant mid-track, which is completely understandable in the circumstances. This is all wrapped up with self-deprecating humour. This description of a personal experience presents a relatable scenario for many today, and yet the vibe is one of positivity.

Sam is joined by bassist Lloyd Davies in No Deal Disco and “Class Tourist” follows the duos previous singles “Bag for Life”, “Nationalism is a Gateway Drug”, and “Charity Begins at Home”. They formed No Deal Disco during lockdown 2020 (thanks internet) and released their debut single “Nationalism is a Gateway Drug” on the 1st of January 2021.

Singing about everything from dodgy politicians to consumerism, misplaced pride and relentless hope, No Deal Disco have a lot to say and aren’t pulling any punches.

The duo are set to release their debut LP in late 2021. For more information on No Deal Disco please check out their Twitter and Bandcamp pages.

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