Let’s Jump to a Dimension Where The OA Wasn’t Cancelled

crestwood 5 movements

I’m still hurting over The OA in every dimension. It’s been nearly two years since Netflix made the astonishing decision not to renew The OA for a

Six Feet Under: David (And We) Get Hijacked in That’s My Dog

David is taken hostage by Jake in Thats My Dog

I think it was some pretentious art teacher on Six Feet Under who’d commented on how they judged whether a piece of art

Lovecraft Country S1E8: “Jig-a-Bobo” and Diana’s Topsy-Turvy World

topsy and bopsy lovecraft country jigabobo

On August 28th 1955, 14-year-old Emmett “Bobo” Till was kidnapped from his Great Uncle’s house in Mississippi by the husband of a

Lovecraft Country S1E7: “I Am” Hippolyta; Mother, Progressive, Warrior, Wife, Discoverer, Murderer

Hippolyta warrior

We’re on a hat trick Lovecraft Country fans! S1E7 was another cracking episode, this time focusing on Hippolyta and her journey of

Lovecraft Country S1E6: “Meet Me In Daegu” A Fox’s Tale

a fox in the snow

Welcome back friends to Lovecraft Country S1E6, or should I say Korea, as this week’s episode “Meet Me In Daegu” travelled back

Lovecraft Country S1E5: A “Strange Case” of Loving The Skin You’re In

Dell has a brown and a blue eye

Well hello, Lovecraft Country fans! If you’ve just finished watching S1E5 and you’re anything like me, you’re probably exceedingly pleased with how

Lovecraft Country S1E4: “A History of Violence” an Adventure Story

Leti and tic underwater

Hello friends and welcome back to Lovecraft Country S1E4, curiously named “A History of Violence”. I am not entirely sure who that

Lovecraft Country S1E3: No Father, No Son and The “Holy Ghost”

Leti smashes up a car with a baseball bat

Hello there. It’s me again, harping on about S1E3 of Lovecraft Country this time. I think this is my favourite episode so

Lovecraft Country S1E2: Whitey’s On The Moon But He Ain’t Going to Eden

Tic is electrified

Welcome back to Lovecraft Country S1E2. Last week’s explosive debut left our three friends at the door of a very large mansion

Lovecraft Country S1E1: Small-Minded Monsters Meet at “Sundown”

Tic dreams of a war with Cthulhu

Did you just watch Lovecraft Country S1E1? It was great, wasn’t it! I’ll be here for the next ten weeks, putting the

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