About a Boy: Kurt Cobain, Montage of Heck

Kurt Cobain lying in poppies, still from Montage of Heck

Twenty-five years have passed since the death of Kurt Cobain, frontman of Nirvana. Kurt’s music had such a huge impact on my

Withnail & I: A Lifetime of Friendship

Withnail and Marwood sit on a park bench

There is very little to be said about Withnail and I from a film perspective that has not been said before, and

Donnie Darko and The Philosophy of Time Travel

Donnie Darko

Can you believe Donnie Darko is 18 years old? Doesn’t time fly! But I’m here today to talk about the tale of

Thank You for Bringing Us The Prodigy Experience, Keith Flint

Keith Flynt Prodigy

If you were a teenager that enjoyed the alternative side of music in the ’90s then chances are The Prodigy were on

Twin Peaks: Black & White Lodge Curiosities

An old woman and her grandson by SHAG

Ok, so this isn’t really a list of my favourite trinkets and treasures from Twin Peaks, more a collection of items of

The Haunting of Hill House: Theo

Theo smiling sat at a bar

The Haunting of Hill House surprised us all with its release in October 2018. The Crain siblings each had their unique traits

The Myth and The Message Behind ‘Apostle’

Apostle Film poster

Netflix has really stepped up their game with an influx of horror films and TV shows perfect for watching over the Halloween

For The Love of Rudd: The Enduring Comfort of Hollywood’s Mr Nice Guy

paul rudd diggers

I was asked recently who is the person in Film who has inspired me the most? Those who have gone before me,

Sarah Palmer: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

judy twin peaks collage

Now that Twin Peaks: The Return is over, let’s look at the life of Sarah Palmer and dissect if she really was

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