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The Rafters Rocking with New Single “Desire”

The Rafters bring us the third in their trilogy of singles planned for the start of 2021. After “Reasons” and “Be Forever” we now have “Desire”. The East Lancashire band have produced a track full of rock n’ roll energy, and strong vocals where you can hear every word. Lead singer and lyricist Nathan Griffiths sings with such a belief in the song, you can feel the passion. However, on this track, it is also combined with the vocals of Ryan McDermott (bass) and Joe Roscow (guitar) creating a more layered sound.

Along with Josh Greenwood on drums, the four-piece have given each instrument a chance to shine and I already have the guitar riff stuck in my head with its AC/DC vibe. “Desire” shifts in tempo as it progresses, which adds to the story of the track. This is rock ‘n’ roll combined with a raw indie edge.

These three singles taken together demonstrate the versatility of The Rafters. It would have been easier to stick to straight-up indie guitar music for all three, but instead, they have been brave and chosen to produce three quite different tracks. I have absolutely no doubt that we will be hearing more from this band, and of course, with long-awaited gigs on the horizon, hearing their music live is going to be one heck of a party!

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