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Killer: 50 Years Later, Pale Wizard Records Reimagination of Alice Cooper’s Classic Album Is Go!

On November 27th 1971, the original Alice Cooper band released the Killer album that would define a generation and inspire countless more. It was the second LP they released that year, coming hot off the heels of Love it to Death in March which contained the unlikely teenage anthem ‘I’m Eighteen’. 

But the band still had its detractors. There were many in the music industry that couldn’t see past the shock, make-up, theatrics and headline-grabbing scandals. With Killer, you can hear a band at the top of their game but also with a point to prove. Killer contains eight of the most visceral, hard-hitting, refined and shocking songs of their career. Backed by the superb production talents of Bob Ezrin, many consider this album to be the creative pinnacle of the Alice Cooper catalogue.

Alice Cooper were finally living up to the expectations and potential they had shown on their first two psychedelic-tinged records released through Frank Zappa’s label the previous years.

November 27th 2021. 50 Years Later. To the day. Pale Wizard Records pays tribute to Alice Cooper’s classic Killer record, the first in an exciting new series of albums entitled 50 years later featuring some of the most renowned bands in the underground scene today paying homage to Killer in their own contemporary styles. 

Not just any tribute record, 50 Years Later artists are handpicked by the staff at Pale Wizard Records to get the utmost out of each classic track. The eight original songs are brought to life here by eight of the absolute best the modern hard rock, stoner and psych underground has to offer. 

The lead single in ‘71 was ‘Under My Wheels’ which is brought to life 50 Years Later in dramatic style by Green Lung. Other highlights include The Grand Mal tackling ‘Be My Lover’, Sergeant Thunderhoof’s daring take on ‘Halo of Flies’ and Pale Wizard favourites Mos Generator with ‘Dead Babies’. But that is not all… the album also features 1968, Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Night, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell and Ritual King. 

Killer: 50 Years Later is a potent mixture of the best of today’s bands and one stone-cold classic album from years gone.

Pale Wizard Records is a labour of love for its co-founders Tim Hilleard and Dan Flitcroft. They release music that they love and find interesting. Dan has been a die-hard Alice fan since the early ’90s after his Dad bought Billion Dollar Babies on vinyl at a car boot sale. When Dan realised that Killer was turning 50, he got on the blower and started speaking to a bunch of great bands that he had come across on his travels with his own band Sergeant Thunderhoof. Those initial conversations garnered a very positive reaction from all involved and it was decided that they would attempt to recreate the album, in full, with each band having complete creative license to do what they will with it.

The Kickstarter campaign totally smashed their target of £3k but you can still support the cause until 11 pm GMT on 10th May. Pale Wizard Records are hoping to do more 50 Years Later albums, beginning in 2022. Which album from 1972 would you like to hear a tribute to? Get in touch with the guys via the Kickstarter campaign.

Alice Cooper, Killer – 50 Years On is released November 27th 2021 and will be available on CD, Vinyl and all major platforms.

Who’s involved?

Green Lung:


Sergeant Thunderhoof:

Mos Generator:

Ritual King: 

The Grand Mal: 

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell: 

Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight:

Cover art: Sara-Jane Swettenham –

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